Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ubuntu no more appropriate name make Linux lover.Perhaps you also already used to hear his name mentioned.Possibility because the advantage,there is developer modified operational system(OS)this to generate OS different.Such as create variation,distro,or identical clone but featuring feature or keunikkan that distinctive,if you unsure,you can try out the clone such as Netrunner 1.1 to assessed.

Anyone who have attempted Ubuntu,will probably can guess the equation.Distro free this also offered application attract that ready fitted,example,VLC,Acetoneiso2and WINE.To facilitate you to sail popular internet application such a youtube for example,the menu list also prepared.At the same time,available Mozilla Firefox web browser also already furnished with component additional such as shockwave Flash.This facilitate you surf interactive web and online game.

If this article reader interested to know the Distro advantage are going to explain further steps in this nearest time.After that,I would like to ask to you,how many of you that know use design saviour disk Kaspersky??As our wise consumer should tried every function that prepared especially when circumstances need us to use it.In those who not yet know the way I would be administering the steps to you later.

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